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Phoenix Viewer 1.6

Phoenix Viewer is a viewer developed for usage in Second Life

Phoenix Viewer is a viewing tool developed for Second Life. The viewer contains a series of features meant to improve performance and enhance your game experience. Nevertheless, Phoenix is becoming less popular since other competing programs have entered the market.

This viewer allows you to enter the Second Life universe and enjoy many additional features that are unavailable if you launch the game in its default format. Here are some features you may enjoy using this viewer, and, which are not available in the stand-alone version of Second Life. You can double-click anywhere on the map, and you instantly teleport to that place (an aspect that was sorely necessary in Second Life, but was not implemented by the developer). You can also disable the black screen during a teleportation. This screen is very annoying when you chat with another character, because the chatting window disappears, and, after re-launching the conversation, the previous discussion is deleted.

With this viewer, you can also access and modify the engine’s code, in such a way that your avatar becomes an immovable phantom. This is a game bug that this viewer allows you to systematically exploit at its fullest. Another feature allows you the ability to turn off the typing sound. This may appear petty, but it is pleasantly effective, because the typing sound interferes with the game’s soundtrack, making it very annoying.

Although it is becoming less popular, Phoenix Viewer remains one of the best tools, that makes your Second Life gaming experience more interesting and enjoyable by maximizing its options.

Rory Shaffer
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